At the core of Extinction Rebellion’s philosophy is nonviolent civil disobedience. We promote civil disobedience because it is necessary – we are asking people to be courageous for the sake of our planet and collectively do what is necessary to bring about change.

We follow a Regenerative Action Cycle. This model is based on the observation of cycles in nature as well as teachings from many regenerative and indigenous cultures around the world. It creates ways we can follow these cycles in our daily human activities to foster connection and regeneration within ourselves, within our communities, and in our relationships with our non-human communities.

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For a non-violent movement to be successful we need to include everyone! Building large, diverse communities will help our autonomy and creativity flourish. This means connecting with different communities and talking to ordinary people about the climate emergency and how we can do something about it.

Outreach is a vital part of the environmental justice movement. To gain influence and call attention to our cause, the more people involved, the better. Our job is to assist in this process.


The Art Group helps Extinction Rebellion look fantastically rebellious.

At the core of any movement is a strong narrative. A visual narrative is just as important as a written one. We believe the arts are one of the best ways to spread our messages and communicate with everyone. We create graphic, visual media, and supply resources for local groups, and reach out to local artists and local groups for their art needs.



Media is a vital part of reaching new audiences and raising awareness. We help local groups organize events and reach out to media groups to cover our movement.

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