Radical Empathy Provides Radical Energy.


By Serena Thornton

Be kind to the Earth as you would to an old friend. Be patient and listen to her voice; do you hear it? Do you feel it?

There is a deep lack of empathy and equality surrounding climate justice in our current lives. As an activist, sometimes I feel washed out fighting for change and sometimes I feel isolated in my community. And it hurts a lot. But I am never truly alone, and always have a sense of empowerment, as my generation is powerful and resilient and has the courage to feel. 

Climate change is something that affects us all, but especially marginalized people. Climate justice is a social justice issue and only through love and understanding can we realize the pain and exploitation we put onto our planet and its inhabitants. We are a strong movement and will change the world with radical kindness.

Serena Thornton is a 17 year old activist with XR and freelance artist from the Niagara Falls area. She created this piece based on the values of Mother Earth and how we can celebrate and protect her. Her point was to bring a sense of tenderness and love to the topic. She believes that education through kindness and empathy is the best way to influence change and growth.