Join Your Local Group

Local Groups (LGs) are groups of people that create an Extinction Rebellion (XR) presence in their communities by organizing actions centered around XR’s four demands. In this way, LGs are similar to traditional forms of community organizing. A crucial difference is that XR Local Groups decentralize into different working groups as much as possible, and mitigate for power (read more about this in our principles). 


The organization structure consists of the following roles: 

  • Two Local Group Coordinators facilitate regular meetings and work with the National Team to form national strategy. 
  • Coordinator roles can be rotated within your local group. Local Groups contain Working Groups (WG’s) which focus on a specific area of work (art, tech, outreach, action, finance, media/comms, etc.) and are allowed to decide how that work gets done. Click below to join your local group, or start your own! Become a member of the Extinction Rebellion family.



As XR Youth grows across the U.S, we want everyone to be able to start organizing with their community’s local group. Check the map below to find yours and join the rebellion! If there is no XR Youth local group in your community, contact us so we can help you start one! 


We have events around the country for people interested in getting involved. Contact your local group if you are interested in participating!