Intro to Re: Generation


Collage by Sen Oglesby

At the core of the Extinction Rebellion movement is a belief in the creation of intentional and beautiful rebellion. Re: Generation is a digital exhibition created and curated by XR Youth US. We feature poetry, op-eds, visual art, film, photography and any other form of expression produced by members of the XR community. This publication is an exploration of our generation’s involvement in the climate justice movement (hence our title, Re: Generation, meaning about our generation). It is also a nod to our movement’s focus on regenerative culture; we know that to sustain our movement, we need to sustain ourselves. And for us, this process includes creation and expression. 


This is a venue for you to channel your thoughts and emotions that swirl around the climate crisis into a creative outlet. What does climate justice mean to you? And how do you relate to it? What has been your experience as a teenage activist? What makes you feel love? What makes you feel rage?


We don’t have all the answers to these questions. That’s what Re: Generation is for. We are a space for you to explore them. 


Submissions! So you wanna submit… what now? Amazing! We can’t wait to see your work! You can submit to with any form of art/film/writing that can be showcased on our website. In the subject of your email, please write “Blog Submission – FULL NAME” (ex. “Blog Submission – Naomi Klein”). In the body of the email, include either a Google doc or folder with your submission (that has edit access), an artist statement about the work (if applicable), and the XR Youth local group you are a part of/your role. We will contact you with next steps! Have questions? Email us those too! Please note that it may take us a couple weeks to process your submission. 


Who can submit? While the goal of this publication is to be a space for XR members and a showcase of our movement, we recognize that climate organizing does not exist in a vacuum. If you are a part of another climate justice organization or tangential movement that intersects with our work, feel free to submit as well (just please specify this in your submission). 


Behind Re: Generation is a team of XR Youth rebels from across the United States. If you are interested in joining our production team, you can email to join a local group and be added to the XR Youth US Slack workspace where this project is coordinated. 


Check back weekly for new posts! Happy reading!