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Re: Generation is a digital exhibition created and curated by XR Youth US! We feature poetry, op-eds, visual art, film, photography and any other form of expression produced by members of the XR community. This publication is an exploration of our generation’s involvement in the climate justice movement (hence our title, Re: Generation, meaning about our generation). It is also a nod to our movement’s focus on regenerative culture; we know that to sustain our movement, we need to sustain ourselves. And for us, this process includes creation and expression. 

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Living Here

By Evie Fabricant Evie Fabricant is 18 years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has been striking weekly outside City Hall since January,

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Love and Rage

How much shall we pay for our hubris?

Salty air cracks smiling lips, cerulean blue

Floods the eye, bodies lay warm in the crispy sand,

and jokes are tossed out to the sea: lost in endless waves,

forgotten in lifelong friendship.

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