Art Rebellion Storms Social Media


By Grace Cuddihy

What makes you feel love? What makes you feel rage? This past Saturday, May 2nd, XR Youth declared Art Rebellion! Activists from the U.S. and around the world stormed their social media with art about their feelings surrounding the climate crisis and the theme “Love + Rage.” Art Rebellion was created in an effort to create a space for our activists to showcase their art and express themselves in a creative and regenerative way, but also to highlight and recognize the necessity of artivism in creating change. The results were beyond anything that we could have imagined. Hundreds of youth activists took to their social media to draw attention to the importance of continuing the climate justice movement, even in this time of crisis. Art Rebellion showed us the passion, individuality, and creativity within the XR Youth community, as well as our ability to unite globally despite social isolation. 


Featured below are a few of the pieces posted from rebels across the country. You can find more on our Instagram and under the hashtag #XRtivism. If you have questions or would like to submit your work to be featured on this page, email Love + Rage!